Author Guideline


Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies (ISSN 2791-6960) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal that examines the interaction of food studies, which is the field of science and engineering, with social and health sciences.

The journal publishes original research and review articles. In addition, it publishes articles such as short notes, book reviews, short articles, technical notes, scientific opinions, case reports, and letters to the editor after certain evaluation processes. It can also publish movie and documentary reviews that are handled within a scientific framework, which do not violate the scope of the journal.

The journal is published twice a year, in June and December. All submissions require a registration (

Publications are only accepted via the submission system ( Submissions by e-mail are not accepted.

You can report system errors to The type of publication (research article, review, short note, letter to the editor, technical note, scientific opinion, case report, film critique, book critique, etc.) must be specified.

For the scientific evaluation of the publications, at least two referees (title, contact information, e-mail addresses, institution information) should be suggested along with the justifications for the recommendation. At least one recommended referee should be from outside the institution of the author(s).

No spelling, punctuation, spelling, and translation mistakes and errors should exist in the submitted publications.

Writing rules for original research and review articles;

  • The study should be submitted in a text file (Microsoft Office etc.) A4 size, 2.45 cm from the top, 2.45 cm from the bottom, 1.75 cm from the right and left should be left.
  • Times New Roman font style should be preferred, and the font size should be 11 points.
  • The text should be double-spaced, with a single line spacing between paragraphs, as a single column.
  • All lines in the text must be numbered (continuously) for referees.
  • The word limit is between 4000-8000 and should consist of a maximum of 25 pages.
  • The title should be clear, short, explanatory, and suitable for the content of the study.
  • Summary, Title, Introduction etc. should be written in capital letters and bold, numbering should start from 1 in the Introduction.
  • The first letter of the subheadings should be capitalized.
  • At least three and at most six keywords should be given.
  • The abstract should be prepared with a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 350 words.
  • Specific attention should be given to the scientific jargon, such as italicizing Latin names.
  • Images and tables should be named and numbered, placed at the relevant place in the text, and forwarded in a different file.
  • Mathematical equations should be numbered and cited.
  • Although the format for citing in-text and bibliographic references (APA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, Vancouver, and MLA) is optional, the consistent format should be used throughout the work.
  • Authors' names should not be written in the text to be sent to the referees.