Aim and Scope

The aim of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies is to contribute to the national and international food science literature with an interdisciplinary perspective on the health and social sciences. In addition, the journal aims to publish studies that will contribute to solving local and global food problems and crises.

Some of the topics covered by our journal are listed below. However, our journal may also publish different topics related to food, not listed below.

• Food Policies

• Food Economy

• Food History

• Food and Health

• Food and Nutrition

• Food and Religion (Halal Food, Kosher and other religious issues)

• Food and Education

• Food Quality Methods

• Food Regulation

• Gastronomy

• Food and Tourism

• Food and Management

• Food in the World

• Food and Refugees

• Food, City, and Multiculturalism

• Urban Policies, Urbanization, and Food

• Food and International Organizations

• Food Marketing

• Food and Law

• Food Ethics

• Food Geography

• Food and Art

• Food Organizations

• Food and Culture

• Food and Anthropology

• Food and Development

• Food and Media